Star Racing Motoclub

Welcome to the middle of Estonia! Here is waiting for you two tracks – MX and cross-country, plus lots of different adventures!


Our motoclub has been evolving Aravete´s MX track by our track master Tuljo Martin since the beginning of 90´s. Guys created a non-profit union in year 2004. So, year 2016 is actually 18th summer where there are different Estonian motosport competitions on our track.

„The wild beasts“ forest trail Tuljo started to build year 2005 and the first competition on forest trail was at 2009.

We can say, that our little non-profit union has one heart with two different sides. Tuljo Martin is the mechanical side – keeps our motorcycles in order, keeps the tracks condition in order and builds everything. Maria Karumets is the one, who likes the lawn mowered and track being beatufil, plus organising everything in the computer and doing all the paper work.

They both work for the same aim 🙂IMG_8077

Tuljo has compited for over ten years in motosport – starting as a little boy with a go-kart, later many years solo MX, jetski and snowmobile cross. For know the heart belongs to sidecar cross with an Zabel-BSU (700 cc, 2 strokes)

Maria loves adventures, not a 20 minute circle riding 🙂 In Estonia we have this moto-orient GP (one of the seven cups we are organising ourselves). There are two classes – asphalt and gravel and you have six hours to find points marked on the map. Thatś lots of fun – you never know where you will end up! 🙂 Also Maria likes to do new things and writes articles about technique –

And every summer they both like to pack some stuff and jump on their oldie – Kawasaki Zephyr 750 cc to go and discover the world! Through Ukraine to Turkie, from Italy by ferry to Greece etc, so far they have ridden over 20 different countries, maybe this year to France, Spain, Morocco?

So, you are always welcome to Estonia! Come by and say hello! And if you need any advice or help in Estonia, just give us a call or write an email! There is always plenty of green grass for free camping at our track.

Some pics of our motolife

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Some fun videos of organized events