Cross-country trail


Around the MX track in the forest area and at the old gravel-pit area runs our forest trail – with lots of raisings and downhills at different soil including dirt, sand, clay, balck peat, rubble etc. On this about 6 kilometres long cross-country/enduro trail you can bring to test your accomplishments and mentality. In a way the trail reminds ski-piste bottom – really enjoyable dirt road going up and down with many curves. Some parts there are mysterious black peat, what seems so nice with its waves, but puts your physique to test. Meanwhile there are some sandy corners and sandy-clay parts.

On this trail there are no artificial blockings like build-up logs, railway elements or big cable rolls. Everything is designed according to rounded nature and trailmasters fantasy. We keep the taril in order with a buldoser called NAT and with a tractor called Belarus. The average width is approximately 3 meters and there is lots of opportunitys to pass another motorcycle. So the trail isn´t so much enduro as known in Estonia, beacuse there are no trail where you have to ride between the trees making your own trail. But we have lots of this kind of surroundings where you can enjoy the hard enduro in wild trails.

metsasõit 162If we are organising this „Wild beasts ride“, then the trail includes some parts of MX track too, and some of them in the opposite way.

You can drive on our forest track with solo, quad or ATV. If you´re interested – just let us know!

Watch the pictures below and contact with us, if you´d like to come to train at our track! It costs 10 euros per day per person and you´re welcome to camp at our place for free. If you´d like to have indoor accomodation, contact us – around our track there are few hostels, hotels and eco-turism farms.

Some for example: the prices are negotiable (max to 15 – 20 euros per person) it is 6 kilometres from our track  lowest price 49 euros for doubleroom, 14 kilometres of our track

If you are interested to stay near our track, just let us know and we can give you any advice or help if needed 🙂

Aravete krossirada –

If you search in Google Maps for Aravete krossirada, it should give nicely out our location


Laiuskraad: 59.171996 | Pikkuskraad: 25.689818     N 59°10’19”  / E 25°41’23”


The wild and woolly, “The wild beasts trail” – look photos