“The wild beasts” ride

„The wild beasts ride championship 2020“

IV cup „Grande Finale!“

It is a real pleasure to notify that year 2020 is already 12th season of The wild beasts ride. With this we are honouring all the fans of off-road riding and announce that this year it will be Championship with four different stages!

It was year 2009 when we started with the Wild Beast Ride. How it all started, you can read from our blog, but it is in estonian 🙂 https://motomari.com/porguliste-metsasoidust/. It is the old truth that it is better to end up things when you are in the high point, so we are calling you to participate at this kind of ride for the llast time. For new seaseon it will be all new! The last ride is on Saturday 29th August.

There is an extra task also, what isn´t in relation to motorcycle riding, but you have a great opportunity to earn some extra points!

There are two classes – solo and team solo. In team solo class there can compete two riders, who may switch as many times they would like to, but the motorcycle have to be one and only. Team solo starts with solo, but has separated calculation and rewards.

You may commit the extra task before starting (it isn´t mandatory). You just need one part of little bit driving skills and the other part of some other essential skills for life – you´ll see, it will be fun! The best at extra test will earn 60 points, the second 59 points, the third 58 points etc. It isn´t enforced, but it is recommended if you would like to earn some extra points! All the rules and guide you can find by scrolling down.

Till then, keep happy and excited!

When? 29th August 2020

Where? Sääsküla village Järva parish Järva County Aravete MX track https://aravetekrossirada.motomari.com/kontakt/

How long? 120 fantastic minutes

What is the trail like? Look from here http://mx.motomari.com/enduro/

Who will win? With a new experience everybody! In solo classes after the race we share all the solo riders to four groups A, B, C, D and reward each classes the best three ones. Solo team we will reward separately.

How we calculate the points? The cross-country winner gets 180 points, second gets 179 points etc. We add to this the extra task points. The one wins, who has the most points.

Where I can registrate? Here –    With pre-registration the starting fee is 25 euros, registrating at the race day it´s 35 euros. Paying in spot in cash.https://aravetekrossirada.motomari.com/registreerimine/

Timetable at Saturday 29th August 2020

09.00 – 11.30 gather together, registration at Aravete track

9.20 – 11.40 time to do the extra task
MK Star Racing pildina

11.55 competitors meeting at the start field

ca 12.00 start

ca 14.00 finish

After calculating the points will be rewarding

There will be catering – it is possible to buy drinks and warm food

Location – https://aravetekrossirada.motomari.com/kontakt/

See you at forest!

MTÜ Star Racing

“The wild beasts” ride guide

1.1. The most important act is to have a proper number plate in front and on the right side and the aim is to catch as many laps as you can in 120 minutes.

1.2. Before the start there will be riders meeting, where we will explain all the rules for once more which can be customized according to weather and number of patricipants.

1.3. The start will be activated if the judge will dip the flag. The trail is marked with plastic tapes and the trail is running around the MX track in the forest approximately six kilometres and there is included few MX tracks segments the right way and also backward.

Calculating points

2.1. The race winner will be this „wild beast“ who will achieve the most laps in 120 minutes. Unfortunately we don´t have any manor for prize, so there will be no race for manor! That´s kind of saying in Estonia if we´d like to see riders to enjoy the race – that´s no Red Bull Romaniacs 🙂 Ist place will have 180 points, II place 179 points, III place 178 points etc.

2.2. In addition, this year we have extra trial, where you can earn some extra points. You can do the extra test before the race – I place will have 60 points, II place 59 points, III place 58 points etc.

2.3 The winner of the cup will be the one, who earned the most points – we add together points from race and points from extra test (which is not obligatory). If the sum is equal, then we prefer rider, who was better in race.

2.4. The championship – the winner will be the one who earned the most points – there will be 4 different Cups, but counts only the three cups with the best points. After calculating all the results, we´ll share again the riders into few groups and will reward each groups best three riders. There can be some extra rewards also 🙂


3.1. Every racers have to take care that he/she will have enough fuel for the ride for two hours. Beside the track there is tanking area, where you can put your extra fuel for tanking.

Motorcycles, competitors, classes, gear

4.1. Your motorcycle don´t have to be street legal or registrated, you don´t have to have driving license – there´s no riding on public streets, only forest trail. As you know – the first one is down and others up – just need a proper packing ring between the saddle and handlebar J and then it´s all fine!

4.2. There are many classes we reward: solo and solo with crew. After the race we share all the solo riders to three or four groups like A, B, C, D and reward each classes the best three ones.

In solo crew you can participate with your friend – in 120 minutes you may switch riders as often as you wish.

Registration and participation feetölps2

5.1.Registrate here – https://aravetekrossirada.motomari.com/registreerimine/

5.2. Sending the registration info before 26th August 2020 23.59 o´clock, the starting fee is 25 euros. Registrating yourself at the same day at race, the starting fee is 35 euros.

5.3. You can pay your participation fee on the race day to registration in cash.

General responsibilitys

6.1. If there will be any crash or accidents on the trail, then all the responsibility lays on the driver. You have to have your own life insurance!

The competitor confirms with starting on the competition that he/she has read all the terms and knows that he/she is riding on his/her own responsibility and do not have any later pretentions against organiser.

6.2. At the „The wild beasts ride“ we do not ask any competitors license and everybody has to take care of their own life insurance. Again, there is no manor for prize – so it is hardly recomended to enjoy the day and the race 🙂 For some injuries we nevertheless have medical service with one doctor.


7.1. Not listening to organisers and judges arrangements – disqualification.

7.2. Not riding on the marked trail, cutting curves, cheating – disqualification.


9.1. The organizers and referees are Maria Karumets and Tuljo Martin

9.2. Everything which are not defined at this Guide the referees will solve at the race place.

In Estonia we have this old movie called something like “Antlersguy” (1981) –

in the forest there lives four beasts, thetölps old and angry sorceress, her old man and two stupid beasts called “Mõhk” and “Tölpa”. And then there´s this little guy living with them – the little antlersguy. When you were little, the movie was quite horrifying, nowadays really funny and educative. But when we build the track, all the woods around just remembered us the funny beasts “Mõhk and Tölpa” and so we decided to call this competition wild and woolly, “The wild beasts” ride – you never know whats up in the forest – sometimes it´s horrifying, sometimes funny and even educative.