Beside riding on MX and cross-country track, there´s lots of more motoactivites around us to do!

As mentioned on the –star racing motoclub- page, Maria loves adventures and moto-orient competitions. In Estonia we have this moto-orient championship where´s seven different Cups in different Estonian places. The moto-orient competition means that you have to find within six hours the most points. In the start you will have a map, where are all the points marked. There are two different classes – asphalt suitable for bikes, choppers, classics etc and gravel suitable for enduros, touring. The gravel is really fantastic with so many different roades as ordinary gravel road to little forest trails more difficult to go through. You actually do not need any GPS, just have to know how to read the map.

Some info of 2016 moto-orient championship in estonian you can find here – it is only in estonian, but you can see the calendar. Our´s is the Kesk-Eesti Tuur (The Tour of Middle-Estonia) at 3th of September. Some pictures of prior events are here (3)

Example maps – gravel kesk_eesti_tuur_2014_kruus(A4)

asphalt ket parandatud_2014_asfalt(A4)

So if you´d be interested, then we have lots of different maps with lots of different routes and points. You can just come and have some motofun at Estonian trails! We can help you organize accomodation (you can camp for free at our track, there´s plenty of nice green grass and swimming place) and even bike rentals.

If yould like to, then we can come to guide and support your riding in Estonia and took you to the nicest roads and ineresting sightseeing, and introduce you Estonian culture.

If it seems nice, just contact with us and let us organize for you a wonderful and adventorous motoholiday in Estonia!

Some of Estonian prices:

Example: the prices are negotiable (max to 15 – 20 euros per person) it is 6 kilometres from our track  lowest price 49 euros for doubleroom including breakfest, 14 kilometres of our track

Renting bikes:!renditsiklid/ctv6

Some videos of moto-orient events down here: